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Château Le Geai

Imprinted with the know-how of his ancestors, Henri Duporge enriches the traditional methods and puts all the passion of his craft in his wine. It attaches to let flourish all the aromas of the fruit through complex assemblies to develop a wine with a unique character. Grape varieties are vinified without additives or sulfites , separately in small tanks or amphora, then they rest in amphora or in casks.

  • Château Le Geai "Le Grand G"

  •  Le Geai "Les merlots de Léo" pet nat merlot and pet nat hydromel

  •  Le Geai "fusion"

  •  Le Geai "Les argiles de Pauline"

  • Le Geai "Carmine " pure carmenere

  • Le Geai "ultrableue" pur Malbec, and "Plasma" pur cab sauvignon

  • Le Geai Supermalbec et supermerlot

  • les choses de la vie , 5 years fermenting and ageing in amphora

  • de porto à bordeaux, merlot muté à l alcool de cabernet sauvignon

  • Cabernet Franc nu , blanc de noir de cabernet franc

  • No future sans nature, pet nat de cabernet franc, malbec et merlot

  • Honey  ronces

  • bier la métisse with malbec merlot et cabernet sauvignon

  • bier la sauvageon with blanc de noir

Diversity of the grape varieties

Henri Duporge chooses to moderate its yields for greater concentration. He develops the diversity of grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Cot Malbec. And re-establishes a forgotten and formerly reputed grape variety used in the Bordelais: the black Carmenere.

Grape variety wiped out by phylloxera in the 19th century, the Carmenere is replanted since 2000 by a few adventurous winemakers. Today, it occupies only about 10 hectares on the French territory. Alone or assembled with other grape varieties, it allows to obtain a rich and colorful wine, reveals amazing aromas and gives the wine an atypical character.

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